Aphex Twin Further Details Syro

Apparently, it won't be his last record.
aphex twin syro cover art

Everyone was pretty surprised last week when Aphex Twin broke a thirteen-year stretch without releasing new music with the announcement of Syro, his first new LP since 2011's Drukqs. Now we know a few more details thanks to a quick interview The Fader just posted - Aphex Twin mastermind Richard D. James has said that the oldest tracks on the record were recorded up to six or seven years ago, and that they're part of a "stockpile" of music he's releasing in order to end a chapter and "move on." Most excitingly, he confirmed that Syro won't be followed by thirteen more years of silence - he's "kicked into gear" to release more new music soon. We'll keep you posted as we hear more - Syro is out September 23rd. In the meantime, revisit Caustic Window, his just-uncovered 1994 LP.