Apparently, Patrick Carney Did the Theme for BoJack Horseman

Hear the theme song for the amazing new Netflix show courtesy of the Black Keys drummer

I am a sucker for cartoons, and, more importantly, a sucker for Netflix. That's why when I learned that Aaron Paul was promoting a new show he was involved in called BoJack Horseman - where he plays the voice of Todd, and is also an executive producer - I immediately connected it to Netflix, and right away turned it on. Aside from having a phenomenal cast - Will Arnett plays the protagonist, a beloved 90's sitcom star turned washed up alcoholic/drug addict, while Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris and Paul F. Tompkins voice supporting roles - it's got a wicked theme song, which, wouldn't you know it, was produced and created by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. Hear it below, and head to Netflix now to watch this hilarious new show: