Arcade Fire - Reflektor Tracklist Revealed

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We know Arcade Fire's new record is called Reflektor, we heard the title track and watched its two videos, we learned the album would be another long one, like The Suburbs - in fact, a double album - and we know it'll be out at the end of next month. The tracklist was still a mystery, but now, thanks to someone at Amazon France, we know the identities of the record's thirteen songs. "Reflektor" opens disc one; disc two includes some album cover-appropriate references to Greek mythology and a song called "Porno." Peruse below:


Disc 1
01 “Reflektor”
02 “We Exist”
03 “Flashbulb Eyes”
04 “Here Comes The Night Time”
05 “Normal Person”
06 “You Already Know”
07 “Joan Of Arc”

Disc 2
01 “Here Comes The Night Time II”
02 “Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)”
03 “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)”
04 “Porno”
05 “Afterlife”
06 “Supersymmetry”