Arcade Fire to release new music September 9th

arcade fire

After three long years since the release of their GRAMMY and BRIT Award-winning third LP, The Suburbs, Arcade Fire will be releasing new music! All this according to REVOLT TV[1], a media company owned by Diddy, who cite sources close to the band. Their report claims that on September 9th the band will release music from LP #4. They continue to say that the album was recorded, in part, at DFA Studios in New York alongside label boss and former LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy.

James Murphy has publicly spoken to Rolling Stone, confirming that he worked with Arcade Fire on their new album. “I think it’s going to be a really great record, actually," Murphy said. “I’m eager to see it come out.”

Back in December, Arcade Fire took to the stage to test out some new material[2]. After playing some new music at a private concert for only 100 invited guests in Montreal, a lucky attendee excitedly described the music as “fun, dance-y and groovy” with heavy percussion (so heavy that the already stacked band needed additional people to handle percussion duties). Another attendee intellectualized the experience, putting the new songs in interesting context, claiming they were “rooted in the mid-19th century and African American history in the U.S.” It should also be noted that the band opened with an epic seven- or eight-minute song.

There's a lot to get excited about here. September 9th isn't too far off, is it?