ASAP Rocky Announces New Album, At. Long. Last. ASAP

The album will feature Lykke Li, FKA twigs, Clams Casino and Danger Mouse.
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It looks like ASAP Rocky is finally ready to follow-up his hit 2013 debut albumLong. Live. ASAP with the long-gestated At. Long. Last. ASAP. The theme with rap albums in 2015 seems to be musicaldiversity and At. Long. Last. ASAP is no different—the album boasts collaborations with Clams CasinoLykke LiFKA twigs, and executive producer Danger Mouse.

Speaking on the album's diverse sound, Rocky told Billboard:

People really don’t know the other side of me. The deeper side, the more musical side, the more intellectual side. When I first came on the scene it was more of this trendy, bourgeois, pizazz attitude. That’s still me but at the end of the day I think that kind of overshadowed the whole purpose of me doing what I do. I’m an incredibly diverse artist, I’m a universal artist.

He went on to say that the album will feature a "psychedelic ’60s London [sound] and introspection," singing and acoustic guitar(!).

He's also explained the album's title in an interview with GQ:

I’m claiming ownership of my legacy. Look at it: At.Long.Last.ASAPA-L-L-A. Like slang for ‘Allah.’ It’s the return of the god MC. I’m named after Rakim, and I’m finally facing what it means: I was born to do this shit. And I hope I get to do it for a very long time.

There's no word on when A-L-L-A will be released, but be sure we'll let you know as soon as we hear. Stay tuned.

Revisit Rocky's latest single, "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2" (that's a mouthful):