Basement Jaxx Confirm New Album Junto

Turns out "Unicorn" was attached to a new LP after all.
basement jaxx junto

A few weeks ago, we heard Basement Jaxx's comeback singles "Mermaid of Salinas" and "Unicorn" and hoped it was indicative of new things to come. Turns out, we were right - the duo have just announced their first LP since 2009's dual offerings Scars and Zephyr; it's called Junto, clocks in at thirteen songs, and will be out August 25th. Check out the tracklist below and cover art above.

Basement Jaxx, Junto:
01 Intro
02 Power to the People
03 Unicorn
04 Never Say Never
05 We Are Not Alone
06 What’s The News
07 Summer Dem
08 Buffalo
09 Rock This Road
10 Sneakin’ Toronto
11 Something About You
12 Mermaid of Salinas
13 Love Is At Your Side