Beck debuts song "Up All Night" in FIFA 17 [Updated: also in smartwatch ad]

His yet-to-be-titled new album should be out in November, according to the New York Times
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Beck is back his dopey self on recent singles “Dreams”, “Wow”, and indeed this new one, and his new album seems to be one of his dopiest yet. (The still-untitled album is supposedly out in November. Probably because Lady Gaga is releasing an album on Beck’s previously announced date, October 21.)

The new song, “Up All Night”, is animated and peppy, though more sanitized than I’m used to from the guy. Breihan calls it “more Maroon 5 than classic Beck,” which is harsh, but apt. Personally, I’d say it sounds like Tegan and Sara without the gay edge—which is to say, technically flawless, but without bite. And the bark ain’t anything to write home about either. 

Unfortunately you can’t verify for yourself because it seems like the song is being scrubbed from the net by Universal Music Group watchdogs. 

Update: 15 seconds of the song can now be heard in a new Fossil commercial for their Android Wear smartwatch. I’ll be honest though. You really don’t get anything, musically, from the 15 second clip. Beck die-hards can continue. 

The song made its debut on the new FIFA 17 video game. Watch this space for the song’s wide release.

Though you can’t hear the new one, revisit “Dreams”, which will also be on the new album.