Belle and Sebastian Share More About Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance

Including a tracklist and album cover.
belle and sebastian

We already have a most-anticipated record of 2015, and it's Belle and Sebastian's recently-announcedGirls in Peacetime Want to Dance. The band have given us a little more to be excited about this week, sharing a tracklist (which includes some very Belle and Sebastian-y song titles) and a charmingly absurd album cover, above, continuing in their artistictradition of ridiculousportraits. We can't wait to hear this record - it's out January 20th of next year. Stay tuned and peruse the tracklist below.

Belle and Sebastian, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance:
01 Nobody's Empire
02 Allie
03 The Party Line
04 The Power of Three
05 The Cat with the Cream
06 Enter Sylvia Plath
07 The Everlasting Muse
08 Perfect Couples
09 Ever Had a Little Faith?
10 Play for Today
11 The Book of You
12 Today (This Army's for Peace)