A Rough Guide to Bumbershoot 2017

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What is it that makes Seattle such an appealing place? This is a city that is open-minded, dynamic, and creative while offering unlimited opportunities to experience culture, heritage, and art all in a setting that is replete with natural beauty. What can you find there? Seattle is known for their thriving dance, music, and theater scene. There are interesting galleries and museums that are one of a kind. It’s also home to Bumbershoot.

This spectacular music festival is held in celebration of the end of summer. Aside from music, there will be art, comedy, and films. This festival takes place on Labor Day (September 1-3) weekend at 17 different venues at the Seattle Center and this includes a main stage that will be in Memorial Stadium. This is the 45th annual Bumbershoot where more than 100 artists will be performing throughout the long weekend. The festival grounds spread across 74 acres and consists of stages both indoor and outdoor.

Each year, people come from all over the country just to attend this iconic festival. Bumbershoot has become one of the most loved and largest contemporary festivals on the continent while still managing to hold on to its innovative roots and Northwestern spirit. The Bumbershoot name was selected as both a symbol of the mission of the festival and as a nod to the city’s famous weather. Since its auspicious beginning in 1972, this has been known as an arts festival featuring many disciplines that showcase the very best of visual arts, theatre, performing arts, literary arts, film, dance, comedy, and music.


Here is the official lineup poster for Bumbershoot 2017.

bumbershoot 2017

Arts and Culture

When it comes to this category, Bumbershoot 2017 will not be a disappointment. Activities include things like Flatstock, Theatre Puget Sound, Sub Pop Pop Up Store, SIFF short Film Fest, Full Tilt Pinball Arcade and more.

Words and Ideas

If this is the portion of Bumbershoot 2017 that will interest you, look for things like The Bushwick Book Club, Battle of the Word Poetry Slam, The Round, The Magic Hat, and the Seattle Music Panel, featuring Tim Lennon from the Vera Project, Sharlese Metcalf from KEXP, Kate Becker from the Office of Film & Music, and Megan Jasper from Sub Pop.


Every festival needs food on site, and Bumbershoot does not disappoint. Some of the finest in Seattle’s culinary scene will be on hand, such as Southpaw Pizza, Pike Place Fish Guys, Jarr Bar, Adana, Little Uncle, Gracia, Bok a Bok Chicken & Biscuits, 100# Clam, The White Swan, Radiator Whiskey, and Matt’s in the Market just to name a few.

What to Bring and Not to Bring

Anyone who decides to attend this festival is subject to being searched upon entry. If they are found to have anything that is prohibited, it will be confiscated and not returned.

You CAN bring:

· Empty water bottles

· Cameras that are not professional quality

· Single compartment bags

· Jammy and fanny packs

· Bumbershoots

· Cigarettes, lighters and vapes – we like the selection at Zamplebox.com

· Hats

· Small beach towels

· Service animals

· Wheelchairs

· Strollers

· Prescription medication if it is in the properly labeled prescription bottle.

You CANNOT bring:

· Tents

· Chairs

· Weapons

· Skateboards

· Projectiles (this includes frisbees and balls)

· Fireworks

· Drug paraphernalia, drugs, or any type of illegal substance

· Glow sticks

· Animals that are not service animals

· Cameras featuring detachable lenses

· GoPros or any other type of video camera

· Alcohol

· Beverages of ANY type

· Ice chest and or coolers

· Anything glass

· Bota bags or flasks

· Drones

· Carts or wagons

· Bicycles

· Backpacks

· Laser pointers

· Air horns