Check Out Kanye West's Yeezus Film Poster

Yeezus has blessed us with something new to look forward to.
kanye west yeezus film

Kanye West's interest in films to compliment his music is no secret (we still watch the "Runaway" video all the time), but there's been a lot of hush-hush around his Hype Williams-directed Yeezus film since it was announced a few months ago. Now we have something more to go on - a poster for the film posted to Instagram by Mazdack Rassi, a creative director at Milk Studios. According to the poster, DONDA produced the film alongside Milk, and it was written by Bret Easton Ellis, who you probably know as the writer of American Psycho - which Kanye spoofed during his promo for Yeezus. The one element that looks fishy - where we should see the name of a film editor is only written "MORE RANDOM NAMES." Hmmm... stay tuned and we'll hopefully get some more information.