Check Out: Ought - "Pill"

Listen to another stunning, baroque post-punk number from the Montreal band.
ought once more

A charming thing about the Montreal-based post-punk quartet Ought (though there are a lot of charming things about them) is that it's sometimes hard to tell, in the grand tradition of Spacemen 3, if frontman Tim Beeler is singing about drugs or about love. One of the best songs off More Than Any Other Day, the excellent LP they released this year, is called "Habit," and the jury's still out on that one. Now there's this song, "Pill," our first taste from a short EP called Once More With Feeling..., in which Beeler's definitely singing about both, right? "I took a drug for you," he delivers like thirty seconds in; then, as everything starts to get louder and you can sense the impending firestorm, he asks, always politely, "give it to me?" No matter how you read it, it's a fantastic listen that proves why Ought are one of the best new bands we've encountered this year. Listen to "Pill" in Constellation Records' new fall sampler - it starts around the ten-minute mark - while you wait for the full EP, out October 28th.