Check Out: You Won't - "Ten Years Old"

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Boston’s You Won’t might have a resolutely un-Googleable band name, but their percussive, ramshackle approach to hyper-lo-fi bedroom folk-pop is something a little more unique. Take, for example, “Ten Years Old,” a standout from their upcoming LP Skeptic Goodbye, which starts with a sing-songy piano riff and distorted vocals before what we can only describe as “the drop” – in this case, you’ll want to think Beirut on serious steroids (whether that’s an electric violin or assorted brass instruments we can’t tell, because it’s so goddamn loud) rather than Skrillex bass wobble freakout – amps things up a notch or ten. At less than two minutes it’s way too short, but it promises good things. Skeptic Goodbye is out February 14, but you can stream four tracks from the LP on the band’s Bandcamp page. Let us help you out though, "Ten Years Old" and the previously profiled "Television" are a great starting point: