Chromatics announce new album, Dear Tommy

Chromatics Dear Tommy

After releasing all those free goodies, we knew Johnny Jewel and company were up to something! His band Chromatics just announced Dear Tommy, the follow up to their fantastic 2012 album, KILL FOR LOVE. The band said the LP will be out in time for Valentines Day, which sounds just about perfect to us. The new album will feature 17 tracks, including "Cherry" and "Camera" from last year's After Dark 2 compilation. Check out the full trackless below:

Chromatics, Dear Tommy:

01 Fresh Blood
02 In Films
03 Time Rider
04 I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around
05 Cherry
06 She Says
07 Just Like You
08 4 A.M.
09 Teacher
10 Camera
11 Dear Tommy
12 Touch Blue
13 After Hours
14 Shadows
15 In Silence
16 Colorblind
17 Endless Sleep

Bonus: here are a couple more rarities shared via Jewel's SoundCloud.