Daft Punk on 'Colbert' Tonight! (Updated)

daft punk

It's official - Daft Punk will bring their charms to Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report tonight in a rare television appearance. As of now, looks like there'll be some kind of collaboration - Colbert's website reports that in tonight's episode "the electronic music duo Daft Punk helps Stephen perform the song of the summer at this years Colbchella." That'll probably be "Get Lucky," which Colbert's been teasing at a few recent late night appearances. To add to the intrigue, "Get Lucky" collaborator Nile Rodgers is appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight - think he'll be able to make the Colbert taping? Can we get Pharrell involved? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Daft Punk cancelled. They're appearing at the VMAs instead.