Daft Punk to Release 10 Minute "Get Lucky" Remix

A vinyl single is coming in July.
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Only Daft Punk would find a way to build more anticipation after the release of their heavily-anticipated Random Access Memories, and only Daft Punk would do that by preparing a ten minute of one of their own songs. As previously rumored, "Get Lucky" will get remix treatment by the band, and some sleuthing bloggers have discovered that a vinyl single featuring a ten and a half minute re-up of the track is available for pre-order on the website of the French music store Fnac, as well as Amazon.com. According to the Amazon page, the single with the remix is out July 16 — stay tuned!

We're sure Daft Punk's remix will be epic, but let's all just take a few minutes to listen to this genius mash-up of "Get Lucky" and Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (mp3):

In related news, earlier this week it was announced that Daft Punk sold over one million copies of RAM in its first week alone. It dominated in every major market — USA (339,000 sales), France (195,000), United Kingdom (165,000), Germany (65,000), Australia (49,000), Canada (46,000) and Japan (26,000). Way to go, guys.