Daft Punk to Remix Random Access Memories, Get a Race Car

daft punk

As though there weren't enough heartache and yearning leading up to the release of Daft Punk'sRandom Access Memories, the French duo have now found a way to extend the drama even further post-release date: they just announced they plan on remixing the record themselves, starting with first single "Get Lucky," which'll apparently see a new edit "by the end of June." It's unclear whether this means the duo will be remixing the entirety of Random Access Memories, or if they'll enlist outside help like the remix albums that accompanied Human After All and Tron: Legacy. We'll keep you updated.

Here is what Thomas Bangalter said to BBC Radio 1 in a recent interview:

"We're working on some mixes ourselves... So, yes, there will probably be Daft Punk mixes of Daft Punk. Usually, we never mix ourselves, that's something we feel we're interested in doing this time. The first track we're remixing is 'Get Lucky.' That will be out by the end of June."

Oh, and also, there's now a Daft Punkrace car in the world.