David Lynch Almost Directed A Video For Kanye West's "Blood on the Leaves"

Today in "what could have been" news.

Today in "what could have been" news, David Lynch did a quick, excellent interview with The Daily Beast and mentioned that he almost made a video for Kanye West's "Blood on the Leaves." Basically, holy shit! Lynch said "Blood on the Leaves" is one of his favorite songs, but - "We almost worked together, but I never got the ideas. I feel I let him down a little bit [...] I didn’t come up with any ideas that I thought he would like. Kanye came up to the house one day. Kanye’s a good guy, and a great musician. I loved the song, and that’s what brought us together, but I couldn’t come up with ideas that thrilled either one of us." Close your eyes for a minute and imagine 'Ye in the world of Twin Peaks or something (we posted the credit sequence below to help you out). Let's hope these guys find a way to collaborate soon.