Dvsn Announce Debut Album 'Sept. 5th'

The mysterious R&B act will release their album through Drake's OVO Sound
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Dvsn, the latest shadowy R&B act from Toronto to be cosigned by Drake, have announced their debut album, Sept. 5th. As expected, the album will be released through Drake’s OVO Sound. It’s out April 1. 

Dvsn have been making a lot of noise online over the last several months—and for good reason. Not since The Weeknd and Frank Ocean has a new R&B act written songs as immediately devastating and lingering as “The Line” or “Hallucinations”. Like those two artists, Dvsn seem to have arrivedd fully-formed, and like the former, Drake quickly swept in and gave them one of the most enviable signal boosts in the industry. Is the Drake connect fishy? Sure. Is the whole anonymity game played as hell? Definitely. Does it matter? Not when the music is this good. 

Below are the four singles that have made Sept. 5th the 2016 debut to watch. You can also scroll down to find the 10-song tracklist for the album.

Dvsn, Sept. 5th:

01 With Me
02 Too Deep
03 Try / Effortless
04 Do It Well
05 In + Out
06 Sept. 5th
07 Hallucinations
08 Another One
09 Angela
10 The Line