Fleet Foxes tease new album, title, and artwork

Robin Pecknold suggests LP3 is finished, possibly leaks title and cover art
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On Christmas Day, Fleet Foxes ringleader Robin Pecknold took to Instagram to tease his devout followers with more LP3 news. This time some biggies: A mysterious LP on his iTunes Library snuggled next to Fleet Foxes, Sun Giant, and Helplessness Blues, presumably their new, finished album. The LP bears the title Ylajali—say it something like “ill-a-ya-lee”; perhaps named after a character from Knut Hamsun’s Hungerand this stunning Hiroshi Hamaya photo for a cover. None of this is official—or verifiable—so take it with the usual grain of salt. But still, get (responsibly) hype!

Check out the screen-grab of Pecknold’s now-deleted Instagram post below (via r/indieheads).

fleet foxes lp3.png