Frank Ocean Teases Boys Don't Cry Release Date

In a new library-style due date slip, Frank teases a late Fall 2016 release of his new album
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On Saturday, Frank Ocean teased a new release date for his long-awaited new album, Boys Don’t Cry. Over at his official website, he shared a library-style due date slip that references his original July 2015 release date for the album, as well as what may be internal deadlines that were also missed. 

frank ocean library card.jpg

They all seem to go down in chronological order—except for one: a stamp for November 13, 2016. Obviously that hasn’t happened yet. Is this the new Boys Don’t Cry release date? Maybe! Though at this point it’s clear that Frank Ocean finds the concept of release dates a malleable thing. He takes after his buddy Kanye in that sense. Stay tuned, I guess? We have roughly 133 days until 11/13/16.