Frank Ocean Launches Dullest Live Stream Ever, Suggesting New Album is Imminent

Frank Ocean launched a "mysterious" live webcast on his Boys Don't Cry website
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Frank Ocean, the internet’s chief artistic troll, is at it again. Early this morning, the website for his supposed new album Boys Don’t Cry launched what has been described as a “mysterious” live stream of a dingy, Dieter Rams-inspired warehouse room. Notably, the webcast is hosted by Apple Music, suggesting that yes, this is probably related to the new album, but still: This is Frank Ocean we‘re talking about here and he is not to be trusted under any circumstances. 

Also noteworthy: A few hours ago the live feed’s camera angle shifted from somebody working at a bench and what appears to be a Tom Sachs art installation on the right-hand side. This makes sense, you see, because Sachs and Ocean go way back. (Sachs also goes way back with Kanye, and Kanye’s web designer David Baker had something to do with this stunt, but let’s not start connecting dots that aren’t even really there, OK?) 

Other than that, not much is going on in the feed (yet), unless Ocean’s long awaited follow-up to Channel Orange is an extremely minimalist ambient music album that sounds an awful lot like white noise. 

Still, Frank Ocean is up to something. His last update featured a clever Past Due card with a “mysterious” future-stamp marking November 13, 2016. I really wouldn’t put it past Frank to leave this feed up until then.

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