Frank Ocean Working with Kanye West and Jay-Z


It's hard to believe that at one point,OFWGKTAcrooner Frank Ocean, was once in not-so-great standing with his record label Def Jam. Not only has Def Jam smartened up and embraced one of the most crossover-friendly rising artists, but Ocean has become something of a hot commodity among hip hop royalty.

New reports indicate that Kanye West and Jay-Z are enlisting Ocean to work with them on their Watch the Throne LP. In March, the Odd Future singer spent time in the studio with Beyoncé and earlier in May, Ocean was spotted in the studio with Nas and Pharrell Williams.

On a related note, Def Jam will be releasing Frank Ocean's claim to fame, the critically acclaimed Notalgia, ULTRA. mixtape in EP form on July 26.

Frank Ocean - "Nature Feels"