Grimes' New Album is Out in October

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That’s what Dazed is reporting (emphasis added):

[Y]ou’ll find a highly attuned eco-consciousness on Grimes’ new album, which has been through working titles of Fairy, Avalon, and Queen of the Night (after Mozart’s supernatural anti-heroine from The Magic Flute, not the Whitney Houston classic). Boucher can’t reveal the final name of the album, planning to make this announcement the day before it hits iTunes in October.

The article continues:

“Lyrically, it’s more political and less abstract than before,” she explains. “Like, really trippy free association about nature and shit. There’s a song that’s from the perspective of a butterfly in the Amazon as people are cutting down trees; there’s a song that’s from the perspective of angels who are polluted, so they’re crying polluted tears. I feel like it’s more about the Earth. I think I was more in society when I was making it, so it feels more grounded.” [...] “I think my music used to be more escapist. Visions didn’t really acknowledge reality, but this record is more about looking reality in the face.”

Read it all here. Watch the video for “Realiti” below: