Grimes Scrapped Her New Album Because It Was "Depressing"

Grimes clears the air: "People’s opinions do not factor into my process."

Last year it was widely reported that Grimes scrapped a whole new album because of negative fan feedback to "Go," the single she released with Blood Diamonds that was originally meant to be recorded by Rihanna. We knew it sounded fishy: 1) "Go" is amazing, and 2) the Claire Boucher we know and love wouldn't do that. Looks like Grimes finally set the record straight on Tumblr (emphasis is her own):

I really appreciate the kind words! but the constant/daily reassurance from fans, friends, family, co workers etc.  that I ought not to worry about what other people say is truly unnecessary.

I honestly never ‘ditched an album due to negative fan reaction to go.’  Go did really well imo. obviously some people didn’t like it as it was different from my other material, but isn’t that the point of collaborations/ trying to write for other artists?

The clincher:

The album was scrapped cuz it was depressing and I didn’t want to tour it.  I may release it one day.  this all happened before Go was ever released.

I throw out music all the time, i have almost 1000 gigs of unreleased music on my hard drive.
I just want the next album to be as good as possible.  Go was never on the album anyway, it is a collaboration with a close friend that was released for fans as a ‘Thank you’ for waiting since my album was being delayed.

There are only about 4 people on earth who have heard my new music.

People’s opinions do not factor into my process.

If "Go" and "Realiti" are any indication of what this "depressing" lost album sounds like, it needed to be uploaded to Bandcamp yesterday.