Grizzly Bear Recording New Album Next Month

The band seems to have been inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign
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Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear have shared on Twitter that they are heading into the studio in May to record “tons of songs.” It will be their first album since 2012’s Shields. “We are ready to unleash a fresh album and hopefully under a fresh government!” the band continued. 

The band also announced they were playing a Bernie Sanders rally in New York, noting that the Sanders campaign is a “once in a lifetime chance to elect a true progressive.” Was the band was inspired by the energy behind Bernie Sanders? Perhaps! “We are passionate to make amazing music for years to come! And we are passionate about changing the political system in the US,” they said. 

But it was not all politics with Grizzly Bear; they also informed us that drummer “Chris Bear had a beautiful baby,” and that “politics aside, we are all super excited to record this new album next month. We feel great about it, and excited.” 

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