Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor to Release Solo Album as CANT


While his main band Grizzly Bear has been pretty quiet since the release of 2009's Veckatimest, GB bassist Chris Taylor has kept himself busy with producing some pretty fantastic albums (Morning Benders'Big Echo, Twin Shadow'sForget). Now, Taylor's own record label, Terrible Records, has announced that the musician will release a full solo album under the moniker CANT.

The CANT album, complete with the maudlin title Dreams Come True, will be released by Terrible on September 13 and will feature a collaboration with Twin Shadow. Check out the tracklist below:

01 Too Late, Too Far
02 Believe
03 The Edge
05 (brokencollar)
06 She's Found a Way Out
07 Answer
08 Dreams Come True
09 Rises Silent
10 Bericht

In the fall of 2009, Chris Taylor, or rather, CANT released a track called "Ghosts" and it sounded an awful lot like Grizzly Bear circa-Yellow House. While "Ghosts" is missing from the official Dreams Come True tracklist, you can still listen to the song below.

CANT - "Ghosts"