It's official: Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" video and 12" EP out Sept 9, 9PM

arcade fire

For weeks speculation on the new Arcade Fire album has run amok, but we're finally getting some solid information on what's going on. It turns out that everyone's hunch about the Reflektor 9/9/9 campaign was right - Arcade Fire will unveil a new single called "Reflektor" on Monday at 9PM. According to illustrious director Anton Corbijn - who has directed iconic music videos for Nirvana, U2 and Coldplay, and well regarded features such as Control and The American - his music video for "Reflektor" will premiere on Monday night.

The Daily Beast:

“I’m working on a really great song at the moment: Arcade Fire’s new single,” Corbijn said. “The song is called ‘Reflektor,’ and you’ll be able to see it Monday evening…. I can’t say much more than that, because it’s all a surprise,” before adding, “You’ll have to watch the TV Monday evening.”

We're not entirely sure, but it's quite possible that Corbijn misspoke when he said we'd have to "watch the TV," because so far the Reflektor campaign has made no mentioned of TV.

Second confirmation comes from the band's highly credible fan-run Twitter account. They report that the "Reflektor 12" EP" will be released on Monday September 9th at 9PM at various independent record stores - a list of which ones is still currently pending. Though if you rummage through the Tweets, you will find information for several confirmed record shops. Note: these are still being updated in real time.