James Blake and Chance the Rapper have more collaborations in store

Chance James Blake

It felt like everyone in the world freaked out when Chance the Rapper helped out James Blake on an awesome remix of Overgrown cut "Life Round Here" earlier this week - or at least, it sometimes can feel like that when you only follow music blogs on Twitter. Well, get ready for some more of that - Chance told XXL that he and Blake have more collaborative work coming. Apparently they met at SXSW this year, kept in touch, and have been working on quite a few songs, including some original stuff and a second "Life Round Here" remix. We're excited - stay tuned.

Chance, via XXL:

"I love his records, so to do another version of one of his songs that I felt was already completed was... you know... you don't wanna fuck somebody's shit up. I jumped on it and people seem to like it a lot. But I'm really excited for our other shit too."