Kanye & Rihanna Touring in 2015?

Could it be?
Kanye Rihanna Tour 2015

Mark it: February 3, 2015, the day RihYeezy Season officially kicked off. Not only did they just share their brand new video (with Paul McCartney) for "FourFiveSeconds," but they also announced a big GRAMMY performance together. Now, Complex Magazine is reporting that it received a really exciting photo (above) by a "reliable source" in both Kanye and Rihanna?s camps.

Over the weekend, Yeezy and RihRih performed together for a pre-Super Bowl show hosted by DIRECTV. Was that a warmup? Nothing has been confirmed, of course, but Kanye fancies himself the new Steve Jobs, and like the late Apple CEO, he doesn't seem to reveal his hand until the very last, painstakingly orchestrated minute. Stay tuned.