Become BFFs with Kanye West with New App, Ye.i

You can download the app in the same place as the Kim Kardashian game
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Kanye West Ye.I App

Magnificent bastards Sid Kandan and Carlos Roque have created a free iOS app called Ye.i that let’s us mere mortals interact with an adorable Kanye West avatar. 

The app’s only just taking off, but Kandan and Roque have big plans for Little Ye. Eventually they’ll want their fist-bumping, mic-dropping bundle of pixels to act more like an AI assistant—a Kanye Siri, if you will. They envision a future were a Kanye avatar will set your alarm, help you make those difficult sartorial decisions, and, of course, lay down some massive beats while transforming your pad into the “All of the Lights” music video. 

Let’s just hope a cease and desist letter doesn’t keep this future from becoming a reality.