Kanye West Loves Florence, New Album Called Made In Florence

Is our generation's Made In Florence? Awesome.
kanye west

Kanye West really, really loves Florence (and why shouldn't he?) - he made that explicitly clear to Italian newspaper La Nazione. In an interview with the paper, West not only divulged that he's getting married to fiancé Kim Kardashian in the city this summer, but even that his daughter North was conceived there, and that he is "composing a whole album" there called - what else? - Made In Florence.

With an artist as prolific as Kanye West, it's hard to know if Made In Florence is the same album Rick Rubin, Q-Tip, Evian Christ (and possibly James Blake) have been working on - the album West has hyped as his Born in the U.S.A.

Why Florence? (Again, look. Look!) In his own words:

“I adore Florence. I love Italy and the Italian lifestyle. To tell you the truth, I already came to the banks of the Arno [river] with Kim last year, just the two of us, incognito. I think that our daughter North was conceived here among the Renaissance masterpieces. It was our first honeymoon. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world—for me the most beautiful in Europe.”

He continues:

"I am a romantic: for Mother’s Day I gave Kim a wall of flowers. Family is everything for me, the antidote to the pressure of fame. Family and creativity relax me. I am happy to create for my family."

Not unlike with his peers and close friends Beyoncé and Jay Z, it's clear that family and marital bliss is important to Kanye now. What that means for the seething, indignant genius who brought us Yeezus, is hard to say. While Jay Z has struggled to release a decent solo album since becoming a husband and father, Beyoncé has absolutely flourished creatively since becoming a mother. No one owns marital satisfaction like Beyoncé.