Kanye West Reveals LP7 Title: The Life of Pablo

Also, TLOP’s finalized tracklist
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Kanye West has unveiled the newest, and hopefully last, title for his upcoming seventh LP, which is out tomorrow, for Chrissake! 

West’s new album, fka So Help Me God, fka Swish, fka Waves, will be called... The Life of Pablo. Pablo who? We’re assuming Picasso, a giant West has compared himself to in the past. Though there are other options: Escobar, the notorious Columbian drug lord, or Neruda, the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet. But, yeah... it’s probably Picasso. 

Here’s West’s tweet, which includes the finalized (we hope) tracklist for The Life of Pablo. Notice: “No More Parties in L.A.” has either been nixed or renamed. 

In other news: Kanye West, never one to worry about tarnishing his credibility, claims Bill Cosby is innocent