Kanye West Has Updated 'Yeezus' Tracks on Apple Music

It looks like 'Pablo' isn’t Kanye West's only “living, breathing, changing” album
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Since its initial (beta?) release, The Life of Pablo, has gone through several rounds of updates—or as fans affectionally call them, “patches”—but it looks like Pablo isn’t the only “living, breathing, changing, creative expression” in West’s towering discography: now Yeezus, one of the most divisive and, in my opinion, best albums of the decade is being updated. According to Spin, some Yeezy sleuths have traced some very subtle changes on the Apple Music versions of “Black Skinhead” and “Send It Up”. 

However, according to some fans on Twitter, the updates aren’t new, but “may be holdovers from leaks and early edits made back when the album was originally released.” It is unclear why the Apple Music version of Yeezus is different from the version on Spotify and TIDAL. 

Here are the changes, per Spin:

On the original version of the album’s “Send It Up” — at about the 1:30 mark — that Kanye raps the following lines over an instrumental: “This the greatest shit in the club / Since “In Da Club” / It’s so packed I might ride around / On my bodyguard back like Prince in the club”

However, on Apple Music today, this exact moment in “Send It Up” features West rapping the last two lines of that verse with absolutely no music underneath him. He’s cut the instrumental out entirely.

Another fan noticed that West has also changed “Black Skinhead,” a fact which SPIN can confirm. On the original song, the rapper begins his verse with “For my theme song / My leather black jeans on” with a scratchy second voice backing him up under the mix. On today’s Apple Music update, the “For my theme song” bit features a completely changed lead vocal, one deeper and more warped.

The differences on two tracks, “Black Skinhead” and “Send It Up”, do not appear when streaming the songs on Spotify or Tidal. As of now, the changes are just on Apple Music. 

Here are the originals: