Kanye West's Yeezus Artwork


This is Kanye West's purported official artwork for Yeezus. As you can see, it's basically no artwork at all. Instead it appears Kanye would like listeners to create it themselves, or as the flier says, "please add graffiti."

It's all actually very fitting. So far, this whole album cycle has been all about subverting traditional major label album-releasing norms. Yeezus, allegedly out June 18, per Kanye's surprisingly dormant Twitter account, and a mysterious flier tweeted out by a Kanye collaborator (below), has yet to see a proper single released. Instead, Kanye has been projecting close-up videos of himself performing a song called "New Slaves" on sides of buildings across the globe.


Up until now, the only move that comes close to resembling a traditional marking campaign was a much publicized performance on Saturday Night Live — itself recently becoming a hub for launching innovative album marketing campaigns.

To recap. No artwork. No pre-order. No single. Daft Punk and Boards of Canada may have mastered the art of the slow reveal, but what Kanye is doing is perfecting the art of withholding.