Kendrick Lamar Has Written 30-40 New Songs for New Album

The Compton rapper says we can expect a new album by the end of this year
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In a new interview with Complex, Compton M.C. Kendrick Lamar has, to our relief, confirmed that the followup to 2012's exceptional Good Kid, m.a.a.d. City will be out by the end of 2014, it will feature production from Dr. Dre, and that, thus far, he's written about 30-40 new songs for it. He recorded around 60-70 for GKMC. Here are a few notable excerpts from the interview:

"Today Kendrick trusts that his creative process will lead him where he needs to go. “If I keep focusing on, ‘I need to make something better than good kid,’ it’s going to be just that,” says Kendrick. “That’s not challenging yourself. I don’t want to become that person reflecting on what has been done. What I’m doing now is the question. I’m only as good as my last word, my last hook, my last bridge."

GKMC apparently only scratched the surface of the stories Kendrick has to tell. “There were so many things I thought he was gonna talk about in good kid that he didn’t,” says Kendrick’s manager Dave Free, who remembers the days when K-Dot couldn’t be spotted with a backpack, lest he be labeled a conscious rapper. “All these other stories, shit that will blow your brain, have never been heard before because they’re just too personal. There’s still so much to be said. The question is, is he gonna say it?”

Read the entire interview here, and revisit GKMC cut, "Poetic Justice," below: