Killer Mike On The Confederate Flag: A Symbol Of "Traitors And Losers"

"Long live the South, and quickly die the Confederacy"
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Killer Mike, reacting to Gov. Nikki Haley’s call to remove the rebel flag from South Carolina's Statehouse, told The Fader:

[M]y firm stance is that any group of traitors, anyone who tried to break up this country, deserves no honor once they've lost. [...]

Dylann Roof certainly thinks [the Confederate flag] is racial, and there are people who are proponents for it because it's racial. But I don't give a damn if he wore it on his jacket. Why should I? That's his jacket. He has the right to wear the Confederate flag, the Rhodesian flag, or any other flag. What I care about is an environment where states like South Carolina will allow that flag to fly above their state building and they know that flag is used as a symbol of empowerment for white supremacy. I care that it's allowed to enforce a sick and perverse mentality by hanging atop a state building that taxpayers pay for. My primary objection to it is firmly grounded in a political argument, not an emotional one. It's less to do about me—"Hey, I'm black and it hurts my feelings, it's a symbol of slavery and oppression"—and more to do with the fact that, as an American, I will not honor a group of treacherous traitors. That's why I despise the rebel flag. Long live the South, and quickly die the Confederacy.

You can read Killer Mike’s full statement here.

Last week, Killer Mike shared some choice words on Twitter over the Charleston shooting: