Kimbra Announces The Golden Echo

It'll feature help from Dave Longstreth, Flying Lotus, Matt Bellamy, and John Legend.
kimbra the golden echo

Yeah, Kimbra's "90s Music" clip is probably the best video of the year, but she's not settling for just those accolades. She's just announced her second full-length LP, her first as a household name thanks to that Gotye feature - it's called The Golden Echo, it features help from Dave Longstreth, John Legend, Matt Bellamy, and Flying Lotus among others, and it'll be out via Warner Brothers August 18th. Revisit Justin Francis's amazing video below, then peruse the tracklist.

Kimbra, The Golden Echo:
01 “Teen Heat”
02 “90s Music”
03 “Carolina”
04 “Goldmine”
05 “Miracle”
06 “Rescue Him”
07 “Madhouse”
08 “Everlovin’ Ya”
09 “As You Are”
10 “Love In High Places”
11 “Nobody But You”
12 “Waltz Me To Grave”