Kings of Leon - "Radioactive"


With their new-found supply of iTunes, radio and GRAMMY love, the Kings of Leon and their upcoming album, Come Around Sundown (is this another way of saying Only By The Night?), are all but guaranteed for success. The album's first single, "Radioactive" has now hit the internet, a moment that might seem trivial to some but thousands of native Kings of Leon fans are taking this moment to finally decide if the Followill clan are still worth listening to post-Use Somebody's gargantuan success. Listen to "Radioactive" below:

What's the verdict? "Radioactive" still sounds like Kings of Leon's typical nosh; it's just presented in a catchier package, just like Only By The Night. If you were a fan before, there's really no reason to stop being a fan now. "Radioactive" is set to "impact radio" on September 14, and I'm sure it will.