Kurt Vile Names New Album: All Over the Place

kurt vile

Kurt Vile has revealed the title of his new album, the follow-up to 2013 stunner, Waking on a Pretty Daze. It'll be called All Over the Place, and it should be out in the fall.

Turns out All Over the Place is an accurate title; the album was been worked over, all over the place — Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Athens, and even Joshua Tree. But more than that, Vile seems prepared to go to unexpected places with this LP.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, he described the album as his darkest yet (“[It's] definitely got that night vibe”), calling the new material “ethereal, Appalachian-influenced folk songs.” We went on to say the album includes  “the pretty finger-pickers, it’s got the electric song, it’s got piano songs, which I haven’t really had, there are banjo songs.”

This next bit brings to mind The War On Drugs' excellent 2014 album (and one of the best albums of that year), Lost in the Dream: “The music drones on and on, but in a freer way. [...] There’s a sort of melancholy in the way the music just sprawls.”

Revisit the video for "Waking on a Pretty Daze" below: