Lana Del Rey Releasing New Album Honeymoon in September

LDR calls it a “beautiful future-retro record”
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Lana Del Rey has been slowly dishing out details of her new album (which was possibly produced with Mark Ronson). We already know the title: Honeymoon; we know that as of January, she had nine “perfect” songs for it; we know that while she recorded the new songs, she was “sinking into this more noirish feel”; we know she already has “two beautiful videos” shot for it, and that she is describing the album as “future-retro.” (We’re probably not the first to point out that she’s describing any of her albums.) 

More recently, however, Lana Del Rey has shared that Honeymoon will be released in September. We adored her last one, Ultraviolence, so we eagerly anticipate the new LP. 

Sidebar: Earlier today we reported that Grimes, LDR’s current tour-mate, announced that her album was going to be released in October. This autumn is shaping up to be an exciting one for pop music. 

Revisit Lana Del Rey’s “I Can Fly” from the Big Eyes soundtrack: