Laura Jane Grace responds to Arcade Fire: "It’s stereotyping." - Pretty Much Amazing

Laura Jane Grace responds to Arcade Fire: "It’s stereotyping."

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace elucidates what she believes are the problems with Arcade Fire's latest music video.
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Against Me

A few days ago we highlighted Arcade Fire'searnest response to Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace's criticism of their new music video "We Exist."

Grace once again took to Twitter to explain why she finds the video, and Arcade Fire's response, so problematic. You can read her entire response - and if you're just tuning in, a summary of the exchange - at Pitchfork.


We'd like to highlight the meat of Grace's argument:

My main problem with the video isn't even casting, it's stereotyping. ... If the song was called anything else I wouldn't have even had a problem with it. It's called "We Exist" and there [are] literally no signs of that existence represented. Should have been called "They Exist." ... When you come from the perspective you're representing, it's truth and powerful.

Watch the video in question below: