Let Me Run This By You...


I've had something running through my mind for a while now. Part of me wants to run along with it, but the other part of me is sort of scared shitless. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me tweet about PMA events. I do so joking around, mostly. But over the last couple of weeks, I have been seriously considering using Pretty Much Amazing to host and promote live events. I certainly think I have the means to. Read on for what I have in mind...

I have thought up two scenarios about how I can integrate live music events into PMA's existence. The first of which, is fairly standard: promoting/presents acts @ (hip venue). If these events were to become a reality, they would most likely have to take place in New York City and maybe Los Angeles. Fun Fact: In the last 30 days, over 10,000 NYCers (this includes most of Brooklyn) have visited PMA. On the flipside, almost 4,700 Angelinos have clicked on PMA. These numbers tell me that given the right act(s) and an accessible venue, live events in these two cities (espesh NYC) can be successful, thus making it possible to happen often.

Just wondering, would something like this interest you? Just to clear the technicalities: All shows would probably be 16+ (I would go 18+, but I know there are some highschoolers around here somewhere) and ticket prices would be somewhere in the $10-20 range.

The second scenario is a bit more exciting, but may be harder to pull off. Basically it would be called something silly like PMA PRSNTS: HAUS BAND (I am open to silly-name suggestions). What that is, is PMA's spin on your traditional "Battle of the Bands" as well as "American Idol." Basically, once a (week/month/quarter) PMA will throw a party @ (hip venue) where 8 bands will duke it out via their performances and the audience gets to vote for the winner via mass txt messages. The bands will perform 2 songs at a time in brackets (i.e. Band A vs Band B, vote, Band C vs Band D, vote, etc etc.) and an ubercool DJ would spin during mass txt-voting times and in between sets.

By the end of the night, one band will be victorious and will win this prize:

1. Pretty Much Amazing's full endorsement (a laTimid Tiger)
2. $1,000 (guestimation)

This second one seems like a lot more fun, but it may be harder to fill a venue when 8 local bands you may/may not have ever heard of are playing the bill. But honestly, that isn't that way you should look at it — because I will be deciding what bands will perofrm (aka filtering out the crap), among those 8 bands can be your new favorite band. Would you give something like that a shot? Technicalities: 16+, tickets @ $10-15 (the bigger the crowd, the more flexible the prices get), and I am aiming to have some free goodies. Maybe free hotdogs or tacos? Free beer/soda?

And local NYC/LA bands: would you be up to entering the HAUS BAND Party?

So that's what I have been internally debating about for a while. I would really appreciate your input — you can just vote on those polls up there, but a comment below would be much appreciated. Constructive criticism only, please. I don't need any flames on here. Haters to the upper-right hand corner (click the little red "X")