Lily Allen's new album is called Sheezus

The good-humored Lily Allen names her album after Yeezus.
Lily Allen Air Balloon

We've been hearing some new Lily Allen songs for a few weeks ago, but it wasn't until today that we knew what the singer's new album would be called. We finally have the title, and it's amazing - Sheezus. Telling BBC's Grahan Norton, Allen noted that "it's a confident title choice, and a little nod to Kanye West."

We're not sure when Sheezus will be released, but we've already heard three singles from it: "Hard Out There," "L8 CMMR" and, most recently, "Air Balloon." Watch the video for the new single below:

Lily Allen returned after a long hiatus last November with "Hard Out There." The song itself is a scathing critique of the institutionalized misogyny in the music industry, but its evocative video was brought under fire when criticism was flung her way for her choice of backup dancers. Read her response here.

Second single "L8 CMMR" was featured in HBO's new GIRLS soundtrack and was given an adorable, 100% less controversial, retro video game style lyric video: