Listen: Beyoncé's Fifty Shades of Grey Remixes

First up, a terrific slowdown of "Crazy In Love" and an erotic re-do of "Haunted."

More from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack! This time listen to a pair of sultry Beyoncé remixes. The first is a familiar-ish slow-down of Bey's splashy solo debut "Crazy In Love," done by BOOTS, the enigmatic producer behind some of her self-titled album's best moments. We've heard snippets of this in various Fifty Shades trailers, but this is the first time we hear it in full.

Second is Michael Diamond's take on "Haunted," the downright sexiest track on all of BEYONCÉ (sorry, "Partition"). It's even better than the BOOTS remix and it's perhaps the only song on the soundtrack we'd actually include in an S&M-themed movie. Check both out below:

"Crazy In Love (BOOTS remix)":

"Haunted (Michael Diamond remix)":