Listen to the Black Keys Prank Call Their Record Label

Listen to an audio clip of Patrick Carney pretending to be a New Age band called Quartzazium

The Black Keys have been doing a lot of promoting recently in anticipation of their forthcoming LP, Turn Blue, whether it's been dressing up as televangelists in the video for "Fever,"remixing Lana Del Rey's "West Coast," or putting out new singles "Bullet in the Brain" and "Turn Blue."

The boys are in the news yet again after revealing their hilarious hi-jinks to the world in the form of a prank call to their own music label, Nonesuch. Very Jerky Boys-esque. In a five-minute audio clip, drummer Patrick Carney can be heard posing as "a New Age artist from Rhode Island" called Quartzazium looking to get signed.

Carney (as Quartzazium) insists that he was instructed by someone from Atlantic to audition with Nonesuch (both companies are owned by Warner), saying "He said our music lacked edge, but that you people would appreciate it." Lol. Amidst what I can assume is Dan Auerbach giggling, Carney adds "So, we’re looking for a four album deal."

Listen to the Black Keys shenanigans below. Their new album, Turn Blue, comes out on May 13th via Nonesuch. Unfortunately, neither Carney or Auerbach have confirmed they're starting a New Age side-project called Quartzazium.