Listen to the song Kanye West reposted on SoundCloud

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zemmy brittle pieces

According to an interesting piece over at Pigeons and Planes, Kanye West now has a SoundCloud account. While no actual Kanye music has been uploaded yet, the account has logged one "repost." In SoundCloud jargon, a repost is a lot like a retweet, the action of taking something someone else has said (or in this case, uploaded) and forwarding it to your followers. Kanye West, or whoever controls his SoundCloud account, has for whatever reason decided that the first public move to be made on the site is to shine a light on a song called "Brittle Pieces" by London-based singer songwriter Zemmy.

There is an inordinate amount of questions surrounding this move – who is she? has she been signed to GOOD Music? is Kanye sampling her? – but that tends to follow anything Kanye does. So far, all we know is that "Brittle Pieces" is a wonderful, airy tune full of cosmic beauty and that Kanye and his folks seemed to like it enough to share. And so do we.