Lost 5.4 Recap- "The Little Prince"



LOST is, and continues to be, an epic puzzle that grows more and more complex with every episode. But still, true fans believe in the producer's promises that the mysteries and mythology will be solved, eventually. In season five, as the castaways time-travel on the island and scheme off of it, the pieces are starting to come together, the island's history is being explored, and television's best characters keep it grounded at the center. This is what differentiates LOST from any other show on television. It can jump the shark (or nuke the fridge, move the island, whatever you want to call it) as many times as it wants, but at some point, you just know it's all going to be explained, and that the characters are still the driving force behind the plot- as funny (Sawyer), exciting (Sayid), and manipulative (Ben) as ever. Tonight's episode, the fourth of LOST's mind-blowing fifth season, maintains this great formula, with some great character development, on-island and off-island intrigue, and the first chill-inducing moment of the year. Spoilers ahead, tread lightly.

Let's start off with the big reveal. Although it could have been called the minute Locke asked if "anyone could speak French," young Rosseau's episode-ending introduction, paired with composer Michael Giaccino's haunting strings, was still a goosebumps moment, and a great way to end "The Little Prince" on a high note (the French woman's return actually could have been predicted with the knowledge of the episode's title- "Le Petit Prince" is a classic French children's book. I'm not going to get into the symbolism here- let's just say it scarred me for life in 11th grade French). It's nice to know we'll finally get Danielle's backstory.

And now, the other big reveal: Jin's alive! That's right, he survived this-


And good thing, too. Jin is the man. To waste a fantastic character like him as the show hits its final season would be, well, a waste of a fantastic character!

This brings many aspects into play for Sun. As we saw in next week's promo (minor spoiler alert), Ben somehow knows that Jin is alive and tells Sun as a means of keeping her in his "we have to go back" group. This begs the question- can we trust Ben at all? You know that a show is good at messing with your emotions when Sun, a fan-favorite all the way from season one, wields a gun to kill the show's big baddie and the viewer is skeptical of HER! It's because deep down, you get the sense that Ben isn't so bad. But wait, he gased his Dharma people! He captured Jack, Kate, and Sawyer! He manipulated "three years later" Kate with  a lawyer he stole from My So-Called Life! How can we possibly trust him? Because Michael Emerson is the best actor on television, that's why.

A few more quick points on tonight's great ep:

- How awesome was that paddle-boat shoot-out? And even if you didn't enjoy watching Faraday, Locke and company row, row, row their boat, wasn't it worth it for Sawyer's pre- and post-flash lines?

"Thank you lord!"

"I take that back!"

- Jack and Kate's chemistry is so great that it pains me to see Sawyer so in love with her. Josh Holloway continues his excellent work as Sawyer: watching back-in-time Kate help Claire give birth was one of the night's most moving scenes.

-The nosebleeds are spreading! That's kind of scary. I, at first, thought that Charlotte only experienced it because Faraday may have used her as he did his ex, but now Miles and Juliet are facing the "side effects" as well. The season's first major casualty can't be too far off...

-I must say, kind of weird to go from such a Faraday-heavy and Desmond-heavy epsiode to one where both characters were non-factors. But once again, I trust the show's pacing and the season really is flowing well. And let's not forget about "Jughead," buried somewhere on the island.

-Finally, in the night's most interesting easter egg, the writing on Ben's truck. Like last year's Hoffs-Drawlar funeral parlor, an anagram for "flash-forward," Ben's truck says "Rainier-Canton." Mix-and-match like Doc Jensen did on EW.com, and you'll get "reincarnation." Locke's body, anyone?

Point out any other interesting tidbits you noticed. Comment on what you liked/disliked about this episode or my review! I'm giving "The Little Prince" anA-. Top-notch LOST. What's your grade?