Check Out: Lower - "Lost Weight, Perfect Skin"

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Despite the slew of great young punk bands from Denmark, Copenhagen's Lowerare probably one of the best. Though we've been jamming the quartet's early demos since 2012, they're just now gearing up to release their debut record via Matador - Seek Warmer Climes will be out June 17. In the meantime, listen to first single "Lost Weight, Perfect Skin" and marvel at how thoroughly such a young band's refined their angular, anthemic post-punk into a lucid, driving juggernaut - frontman Adrian Toubro's lead lyric "aging so fast, going nowhere" feels like a bold-faced lie. Check it out while you peruse the tracklist below.

01 Another Life
02 Daft Persuasion
03 Lost Weight, Perfect Skin
04 Unkempt and Uncaring
05 Expanding Horizons (Dar Es Salaam)
06 Bastard Tactics
07 Soft Option
08 Craver
09 Tradition
10 Arrows