Majical Cloudz Call It Quits

After two LPs and two EPs, the Canadian duo have broken up
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Majical Cloudz have announced that they’ve broken up. Via the duo’s Tumblr page:

I have some news! Over the last few months Matt and I decided that Are You Alone? would be the last Majical Cloudz record, and that after doing some touring we would be moving on to other projects and adventures.

We can expect solo material from both Devon Welch and Matt Otto.

I will be releasing music and playing shows under my own name, Devon Welsh. I’m working on things right now that I’m excited about and that I’ll be releasing online throughout the year and probably playing a bit live here and there. If you’re interested, find me online or come to a show!

Matt will be making music under his new project, The Dahlia, which he’ll be sharing with the world soon enough. At the moment, he’s composing a film soundtrack and producing a couple of records which you’ll be hearing about in the next few months!

Thanks again for listening, you’ll hear from both of us soon!