Mark Kozelek, Professional Jackass, Ethered by Journalist After Verbally Attacking Her on Stage

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Surprising no one, Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek went on a misogynistic tirade during a performance earlier this week, where he verbally attacked music journalist Laura Snapes. According to Uncut writer Jon Mulvey, Kozelek performed a “spontaneous song about how she ‘totally wants to fuck [him]’” and how she should “get in line, bitch.” 

Laura Snapes used a feature article called “I Interviewed Mark Kozelek. He Called Me a Bitch on Stage” at The Guardian to respond. Here is her assessment of the situation:

Kozelek trades in sucker-punches. He impugns online “bitching and whining”, but hides behind one-way email exchanges, balks at the idea of his peers speaking about him and issues tirades (and sometimes, sexual advances) from the cowardly remove of the stage, with the get-out clause that it’s a performance.

He can use sexually violent language to reduce female critics to the status of groupies, knowing that while male musicians’ misogynist acts are examined for nuance and defended as traits of “difficult” artists, women and those who call them out are treated as hysterics who don’t understand art.

It’s also mind-boggling that this is how Kozelek conducts himself when being interviewed by a woman journalist:

“You think you’re the only person who wants to get a face-to-face interview with me? Get in line. I’m the best person you never met and one day, if you ever meet me, you’ll probably want to have my baby.”

That’s Mark Kozelek, via email, which is the way he chooses to conduct his interviews.

Snapes probably summarizes all of this best with a single tweet: